Other black fighters

Georges Dukson is the most renowned black Resistance fighter in Paris, but there were others, although their names are not known.

These two photos from the 26 August parade show FFI fighters marching alongside a 2e DB half-track, along the rue de Rivoli. There are two black men – one at the front, holding a placard, the other at the back of the group in the first picture:

PAR29699PAR78750As the parade was taking place, to the north-east of Paris a massacre of over 100 FFI fighters was taking place at Oissery (see Chapter 17). One of the young men who was captured by the Germans was 16 year-old Yves Goussard:

YG23Yves was deported and eventually died in Bergen-Belsen of typhus, at the same time, in the same place and of the same cause as another, more renowned teenage victim of Nazism: Anne Frank.

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